Monday, March 29, 2010

life away from home.

hi friends!
so im back with something new from the back of my head.
everyone in their lifetime have to stay away from home for sometime, there may be exceptional cases but may be they r lucky or may be not( i dint hav this opinion until now) coz they do miss something important in their life, the fact that they can make a livelihood all by themselves, which i have realised now.
It's really difficult for someone like me who was always surrounded by parents n bro n sis who were always there to correct you and help you make the right choices in life which would later turn out to be important.It took a hell lot of time for me to get adjusted to the lonely life,that i was leading for somedays, though now i dont feel so lonely.
When u stay away from home, you have the entire responsibility of yourself on ur shoulder and believe me guys it isn't so easy as you people think, though most of them get adjusted to it with time.
I open my eyes in the morning at 6:45am(of course the alarm helps here), and the first thought that comes to my mind, ok, let's see the time, do i have some more time to sleep or should i get up and start cooking.even if i sleep somemore time , it wont matter much, coz my office timings isn't really very strict and you can always make up for it during the week.
When i freshen up and reach the kitchen, check out for the ingredients that i have available to make breakfast and lunch,though always something or the other is missing , i try to manage with the substitues. Finish the coking ad get ready for office.
When im about to leave the office, i have to think the things i would need to buy.
I reach tee store, look at the prices, i wonder how did the prices soar so high since i left my hometown. I had never bought a bunch of palak for Rs.7 until i was here, back in bangalore i used to get 4 for Rs.10 and the quality was better there.May be inflation has changed things, but it still would not be Rs.7 over there still.
I never knew its so difficult to decide the dishes that we cook, coz we have to manage things in such a way that the vegetables dont spoil.Sometimes i have to cook something which i really wouldn't if i had a choice.
I wonder how they manage it back at my home. Cook n sleep. that's how boring life becomes sometimes.
When friday comes, i off the alarm, and sleep till im tired of sleeping.
You are at ease on a lazy saturday morning, and then think what you like to do. First things first. Washing clothes(OMG, that's the last thing i would like to do), cleaning the house(this is another thing i hate).
You see the time and realise that the time for breakfast has already passed, and the clock is galloping towards the time for lunch.
You eat something which is easy like cornflakes, i dont like it much, but that's the easiest one.
Washing all the clothes(im happy that i've not been playing with dirt like i used to do during my childhood, it does make things easier).
Take bath n cook lunch, it's already 3.U have lunch and think, ok lets have a nap.Cleaning the house can be done on a sunday.
U wake and find, u need to get a lot of grocery, get that and its time to cook dinner. :(
Sunday u wake up late,cornflakes again ?? cleaning the house , take bath and then cook lunch n sleep. U can go around a bit somewhere or for a movie and that's how the week ends.
No time for the person called YOU.. life keeps running at a fast pace.
Life @ home
Get up, take bath, mom/bhabhi gets breakast, even if its 6am(i definitely would not b able to do it if im away from home).
Take the packed lunch and leave.
Come back home and everything is ready for you.Talk to everyone at home(now i have a niece and nephew too, wish i could spend a lot of time with them). Eat dinner, call few friends, play games and sleep.
During weekends, get up, eat and call some friends and roam around the city.
There's a lot of difference between both.
The way u think change drastically in both the places ,life @ home is the best..
but life away from home makes you a master of life, by which u learn how to hold the responsibilty of the family alone..

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