Thursday, November 26, 2009

journey of life since 2008 to nov 09

Though i created my blog during Jan of 08, i remained inactive since life was so full of happiness fun that i had no time to write any more posts on my blog.
Since Jan 08 i graduated, and since then life has been unsettling and making the kid in me grow up and look forward to the world where unexpected things happen to every1.
there were months of waiting to do some work and a lot of never ending tries to make it to any software/hardware company.
then finally a day came when i got a job, in a well known company. well the job profile wasn't what was when other of your close friends are working in famous and well known companies having a decent job profile and drawing salaries much more than you can think of( of course sometimes things are exaggerated ), i was happy for getting that job in times of peak recession.
i got along well with people , made some very good friends.
just when i was comfortable , i got my joining for my company.
i was happy about it but then sad since i had to leave every1 in bangalore and go to hyderabad.
the day came when i said good bye to Bangalore and left for Hyderabad

Life @ Hyderabad wasn't very pleasant in the beginning though.
I lost my favorite phone N73 for which i am depressed till now, it would have been a wonderful companion.
initial days at the new company was tough with lots of studies and tests and uncertainity in life as to what had to be faced in the coming days.
finally training period was over.
then there was a long waiting period to get some decent work that could have been given to me and my batch mates.we enjoyed those days with lots of movies and time pass, taking life easily.

then finally the day came when i left for chennai.
during those days @ hyderabad some people helped me a lot, gave me the feel of family away from home.though i kept running back to my home at Bangalore for weekends just like kids run back to their mom during their initial school days.

Life @ chennai again wasnt very pleasant in the beginning.
Again i found friends as a support to me during my initial days at chennai.

i got some work and have lot of learning to do now. im a novice here who has to learn a lot just like a caterpillar has to evolve into a butterfly.

Finally all that i can say is since jan 08 to dec 09 , a person who i was during jan 08 has been transformed into another person who has become more matured , seen life changes drastically over the months that passed by over 2 years.
as a person i gained lot of personal experiences and understood the fact that friends and family are an very important part of life, though friends may not keep moving on with u n keep in touch constantly without your endless efforts(well there are exceptions always) , a family is an integral part of one's life where they constantly push u up further to achieve greater heights understanding the fact that situations you are into may not be pleasing you.
They may not be with you all the time, they they surely will always be helping you to make you grow emotionally and psychologically to make you stronger day by day so that in any part of your life, you can face things with utmost confidence.


Manasa said...

Randeep we Miss you...............
all the we were together, all the fun all the studies,all teh discussions...everything dude, but im happy for you...

Keep Rocking :)

RDX said...

i miss you all too..

Anonymous said...

Good one man. Do write more.. Show us Chennai through your eyes. :)

RDX said...

thanks dude.
more is on the way...

Manjunath Krishna said...

RdX... good thought provokin story..... sorry for the trouble in chennai.....:)

RDX said...

@ mankris.
thanks 4 ur comment.
well , it was gud to see u at chennai. u r welcome again..

soumya said...

hmmm thats really nice...whatever the place is, however the people are im sure you will rock where ever you go......

RDX said...

@ soumya.
thanks. i wil do it. :)

Manikandan said...

Great going Randeep. Well we must enjoy what we can in all these sad ass places. we r here to give u company.

RDX said...

@ mani
yes dude.
we'l rock chennai.